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1981 Amy Chaiklin Modern Girls, New York, NY



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Street Art - Wall Painting

1983 Beauties on the Bowery, 15’ x 50’, Enamel Paint on Wall Corner of Bowery & Houston, New York, NY

1983 Smashed & Surviving Beauties, 6‘x3’ each, Enamel Paint on Wall, Pier 34, New York, NY

1983 Eyes on You, 15’ x 40’, Enamel Paint on Wall, 3rd Avenue and 149th street, Fashion Moda, Bronx, NY

1984 Media Girls, 12’ x 24’, Enamel Paint on Garden Wall, The Eyes & Ears Foundation, San Fransisco, CA

1984 Berlin Beauties, 6’ x 18’, Maria Makkaroni, Savigny Platz, Berlin, Germany

1984 Girl with Pet Rat, 12‘x12’, Enamel Paint on Gallery Front Gate, Limbo Gallery, New York, NY



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